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I am teaching or co-teaching a number of classes at the University of Copenhagen ranging from political sociology to introductory Python and R.

At the Department of Sociology, I (co-)instruct the following classes:

In the MSc in Social Data Science, I (co-)instruct the following classes:

I am also teaching occasional workshops on introductory R (e.g. at GESIS (October 2021, October 2022) or the Copenhagen Summer University) or the use of the texnets R package, and have previously been part of the organizing team for the Summer Institutes in Computational Social Science.

Below, you can find more detailed descriptions and material for selected courses.

More Than Words: Introduction to Quantitative Text Analysis

An introductory level course for learning quantitative text analysis methods and their implementation in R.

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Two-weeks of intense computational social sciencing in the rearview mirror.


Two-week immersive summer school for social and data scientists interested in computational social science.


Learn how to combine quantitative text analysis with graph theory in Cologne in December.